Among Us Switch glitch lets players access the unreleased new map

Among Us
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Among Us has only been playable on Nintendo Switch for two days, but players have already discovered a glitch that lets them tour the new Airship map ahead of its release.

As we previously reported, Among Us' new map Airship isn't set to release until early 2021, but this Switch glitch lets you tour it in its current state. It's not playable, and you may run into some other glitches while you're walking through it, but if you want to get a leg up on the other crewmates and imposters, memorizing Airship's layout is the way to do it. 

A GameXplain YouTube video, walks you through how to exploit this Among Us Switch glitch, but we'll break it down for you below. Boot up Among Us on your Switch and follow these steps:

  • Select Local game type and create your own game
  • Head to the laptop, toggle through "Map," and select Airship
  • Exit out of the Local game creator lobby
  • Select Online game type and choose "Host"
  • Do not select a map, just make a room
  • Invite friends - you need at least four to join
  • The entire room will end up on Airship

Airship is definitely more involved than Skeld, with a lot of hallways and corners that you may trip up on during your first few playthroughs. That's why this glitch is so important for those highly competitive Among Us players - you'll get the lay of the land before the map even officially drops. Gotta know where those vents go, baby. BTW, have you tried...definitely not cheating at Among Us with your sister?

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