New American Horror Story spin-off anthology series in the works: American Horror Stories

(Image credit: FX)

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has announced a spin-off series – titled American Horror Stories – that will tell self-contained stories in one-hour episodes. Murphy shared the news in an Instagram post, casually making the project public in the caption. 

"American Horror Story cast zoom call...where we reminisced about the good times," Murphy wrote, then revealing that they were also talking about "the spin-off we're doing called 'American Horror Stories' (one hour contained episodes)." Via Deadline, the spinoff will be another FX series as a companion to American Horror Story.

To be clear, this is in addition to the "mothership" series, which has been put on hold along with everything else in Hollywood as we wait out the pandemic. According to Murphy, the AHS cast discussed when filming might resume on season 10, although it's unlikely anything can be set in stone with so much uncertainty about the global situation. Regardless, it's nice seeing so much of the cast in the same space again.

In an unexpected but very welcome turn of events, Macaulay Culkin was confirmed to be joining American Horror Story season 10 back in February. For a series that often shines through its eclectic cast, it's exciting to see Culkin making his return to the spotlight in the horror series, which last year took us back to 1984 for a slasher story with plenty of twists and turns.

Here's how you can stream American Horror Story from anywhere, just in case you feel like catching up in the long wait for season 10.

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