Amazon PS5 restock invitations now include the Horizon Forbidden West bundle

PS5 restock Horizon Forbidden West bundle
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Amazon's PS5 restock process changed at the start of June. Instead of releasing new batches of consoles in infrequent waves, the retailer now offers invite-only drops, with customers requesting a slot and keeping a close eye on their email until it comes time to buy. The system is obviously working, because Amazon has just added the Horizon: Forbidden West bundle to its selection of consoles. 

You can sign up to request an invite to future PS5 restocks including this bundle right now, though it's worth noting that Amazon states it cannot grant all requests. That means it's still a lottery - but you've got a much better chance with this system than the old free for all. 

The Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle includes the full version of the console with a copy of the second entry in the Horizon story - all at $549.99. That's a bonus $20 discount on the $69.99 game when added to the $499.99 cost of the console. With Prime Day PS5 deals on the horizon, we could be seeing some serious movement here in the next few weeks. 

PS5 restocks have been quiet for the last few weeks, with only Sam's Club and Sony Direct making moves - and only in the last couple of days. That means any chance to scoop up your own console is welcome right now, especially considering Walmart has been quiet for a considerable amount of time. 

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle | $549.99 - request invite at Amazon

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle | $549.99 - request invite at Amazon
You're actually saving $20 with this PS5 bundle - a rarity considering stock has been so difficult to get your hands of as of late. However, you're still only requesting an invite to Amazon's next PS5 restock, so keep a close eye on your email.

PS5 restocks: the latest updates

How to use Amazon's new PS5 restock system

To take advantage of the bot-evading PS5 restock invitation system, you'll need to head over to either the bundle page listed above, or the straight PS5 console (listed at $499.99). Hit the big yellow Request Invitation button to sign up for email alerts, and sit back and wait. 

If you're lucky (this isn't a guaranteed bet, after all) you'll receive an email when the next PS5 restock goes live, with an exclusive link to purchase a console within 72 hours. 

Are other retailers using PS5 restock invites?

Sony has been running an invitation system for its PS5 restocks for months now, encouraging customers to sign up for a purchase link when its registration opens every few weeks. Other retailers haven't picked up the process yet, with Walmart and Best Buy still offering exclusive PS5 restocks to members of their respective rewards programs, and GameStop and Target circumnavigating the bot problem by focusing on in-store restocks and bundles. 

Check for PS5 restocks today

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