Amazon AU's 2021 Mid-Year Sale is still going - here are the best gaming deals

(Image credit: Amazon)

It's not Amazon Prime Day 2021, but it is, crucially, another big Amazon sales blow out. It's the Amazon Mid-Year Sale 2021, which coincides with the usual end of financial year salesfest that sweeps Australia. It's a boon for gamers, because it means those already-market beating prices are even lower.

It's also a boon for folk who don't have, or don't want, an Amazon Prime subscription. Sure, having one won't hurt - you're more likely to enjoy free shipping - but the vast majority of these deals don't require a membership. In that way, it's even better, though who knows what surprises the next Prime Day has in store for us.

Below is a selection of the best deals we've found. Keep checking back: we'll keep adding them for as long as the sales period lasts. We are expecting some massive Prime Day PS5 deals next month too as the drought of PS5 stock might finally come to an end. The Prime Day laptop deals and Prime Day TV deals will be worth a look for sure too.

Nintendo deals

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit | AU$98 (usually AU$149.95)
A generous AU$50 off this extremely fun living room take on Mario Kart, available in both Luigi and Mario-themed sets (notice how we listed Luigi first? The way it should be). If you're not across how it works: you control a real-life kart figurine in your home, which is the backdrop of the track you're playing on your console. Pretty sweet.

Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo Switch console | AU$399 (usually AU$469.95)
A pinch under AU$70 savings on the Nintendo Switch, if you're brave enough to bite the bullet before the rumoured hardware upgrade hits the market later this year. This discount applies to both the neon blue and red model, as well as the more reserved grey version. 

Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller | AU$82 (usually AU$99.95)
If you're playing first-person shooters or just like to play your Switch docked more often then not, then a Switch Pro Controller is pretty much essential. Amazon discounts these quite often, but this is as good a time as any to pick one up for AU$18 lower than the RRP.

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure | AU$97 (usually AU$124.95)
A nice AU$27.95 off this fitness-focused Nintendo Switch package, which bundles the Ring Fit Adventure peripheral with the fitness-oriented adventure game (you'll be smiting monsters and stuff - Wii Fit this ain't). A nice way to get the kids moving around the loungeroom.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller | AU$95.72 (usually AU$119.95)
If you're a heavy user of your Switch, you're almost certainly going to need a replacement Joy-Con pair at some stage: that stick drift everyone online complains about? Chances are it's going to happen to you. Might as well get them while they're cheap.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch | AU$58 (usually AU$79.95)
This is one of the most critically acclaimed Switch games of 2021, and if Zelda stays out of the way, will probably end up GOTY. The Monster Hunter series is perfect for handheld, and this is a brilliant hybrid of old school Monster Hunter and the modern trappings of Monster Hunter World.


The Outer Worlds | AU$30 (usually AU$49.95)
Fancy a sprawling first-person RPG by the creators of Fallout: New Vegas? Of course you do. This Switch version may not be the prettiest way to play the game, but a big exploration-focused adventure is a great fit for the train or bus. 

PlayStation deals

DualSense Wireless Controller

DualSense Wireless Controller | AU$87 (usually AU$109.95)
The PS5's DualSense Controller is enough of an advancement over the DualShock 4 that you'd expect a price hike, but it's still nice to pay under AU$90 for a second controller, or a replacement. This discount pops up often on Amazon, but don't get caught out needing to pay full price.


Loads of PS4 games for cheap | starting from AU$10
Get your fill of some of the last generation's biggest games, ranging all-time classics like The Last of Us Part 2, through to great but less-celebrated VR offerings. Take note that a handful of these games, including Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2, have performance modes on PS5.

Red Dead Redemption 2 | AU$34
Yakuza: Like a Dragon | AU$41
FIFA 21 | AU$19
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order | AU$24
Cyberpunk 2077 | AU$34
The Last of Us Part 2 | AU$28
Ghost of Tsushima | AU$38
Spider-Man: Miles Morales | AU$54
Death Stranding | AU$15
Days Gone | AU$17
Sackboy A Big Adventure | AU$59.95
Spider-Man | AU$17
Dreams | AU$17


PlayStation Hits for as low as AU$10
Sony's brilliant PlayStation Hits line normally goes for around AU$25 a pop, but as part of the Amazon Mid-Year Sale you can get a wide selection for as little as AU$10. Whether you're still rocking a PS4, or you're lucky enough to have a PS5, there will be something of interest here, including:

God of War | AU$10
The Last of Us Remastered | AU$11
Gran Turismo Sport | AU$11
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | AU$11
Uncharted 4 | AU$11
Ratchet & Clank | AU$11


Finally! Big discounts on PS5 games
If you're lucky enough to own a PS5, then you're probably well aware that games are heaps more expensive now - and they rarely go on sale. But that's different as of now; check out some fresh PS5 game discounts, including Demon's Souls for a very competitive AU$88:

Demon's Souls | AU$88 (usually AU$124.95)
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate | AU$88 (AU$124.95)
Spider-Man: Miles Morales | AU$64 (usually AU$94.95)
Sackboy: A Big Adventure | AU$75 (usually AU$109.95)
The Nioh Collection | AU$88 (usually AU$124.95)
Assassin's Creed Valhalla | AU$44 (usually AU$99.95)
Hitman 3 | AU$58 (usually AU$99.95)
Immortals Fenyx Rising | AU$38 (usually AU$99.95)
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate | AU$44 (usually AU$89.95)
Outriders | AU$59 (usually AU$99.95)
Watch Dogs Legion | AU$28 (usually AU$99.95)

Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5

Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5 | AU$138 (usually AU$159.95)
Built especially for PS5, this Sony first-party headset is an essential peripheral if you want to make the very most of the PS5's incredible 3D audio chops. This one boasts an advertised 12 hour battery life, a built in mic, onboard controls, and more. 

PlayStation DualShock 4 controller

PlayStation DualShock 4 controller | AU$63.62 (usually AU$89.95)
While the DualSense has usurped it as the best gamepad going around, the DualShock 4 is still a mighty piece of tech, and it'll work on the PS5 with PS4 games (though not with PS5 games... yet). It's always wise to have a spare one of these around.

PS4 Slim

PS4 Slim | AU$369 (usually AU$439.95)
What's next-gen? Seems to be this big battle to buy a console that doesn't even seem to exist. If the PS5's tech doesn't impress you and you just want to dive into a huge catalogue of 1000s of games, the PS4 is still a mighty machine, and this is a mighty discount.

Xbox deals

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S | AU$449 (usually AU$499)
This may not be as next-gen as the Series X (which is still pretty hard to get), but it's a damn fine way to enjoy games with more clarity, smoothness and speed than the last-gen had to offer. Oh, and it's the perfect device if you just want to dive into Xbox Game Pass.