The Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code and puzzle explained

Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree
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Completing the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree stash puzzle in Cauldron Lake is tricky as it's very easy to miss one of the necessary clues for the code. First of all, the three numbers for the code in Alan Wake 2 are already written not as plain number but as simple arithmetic. Additionally, they're also hidden around an irregular forest environment, in pitch darkness, and must be approached in a particular way to get revealed by Saga's torch. So to help you through this finnicky puzzle, I've laid out the answer and solution to the Rock Rock Tree stash code in Alan Wake 2.

How to open the Rock Rock Tree stash in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 rock rock tree code

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The Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code is hard work out because there's a really easy to miss clue painted on the opposite side of a rock just in the stream South of the Stash. There are two paths to the area and while one makes it almost impossible to miss this hidden clue, the other can leaves you oblivious to its existence. 

Based on finding all the clues, the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Stash code is 6 5 8.

That involves finding and solving these three sums: 

  • 3 + 3: On the rock behind the stash
  • 7 - 2: On the rock down in the Stream from the Stash
  • 6 + 2: On the tree West of the Stash

Technically with those clues it could also be 568 depending on which rock you class as 'first'. Once you enter the correct code, the padlock will pop and reveal the stash's contents - a flare, a propane tank and a trauma kit. Nothing massive, but if you're working your way through all of the Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash locations, these little injections of resources can do a lot to keep you going - plus there are a few stashes that have great rewards inside them, like the Alan Wake 2 crossbow, so it's good to get into the habit of popping these when you see them.

Later on, you might also stumble across the Alan Wake 2 battery stash puzzle and Alan Wake 2 car and bike stash, which are probably the worst in the game because they involve actual algebra. You'll also need to get them all if you want to earn the Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Key and find out what's in there.

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