Where to find the Witch's Hut fuse in Alan Wake 2

Finding the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2
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Finding the Witch's Hut fuse in Alan Wake 2 is essential as you need it to establish your first Break Room safehouse. Doing this will provide you with a safe place to get Taken off your scent, heal up, reorganize your inventory using the Shoebox, and save your Alan Wake 2 progress with the Thermos after investigating the first Alan Wake 2 crime scene. The fuse you need also isn't even that far from the hut's fuse box - it's just getting to it isn't especially clear due to the dense woods of Cauldron Lake. To help you grab the Witch's Hut fuse easily in Alan Wake 2, I've explained where to look.

1. Find the Witch's Hut fuse box

Alan Wake 2 Witch's Hut on the Cauldron Lake map

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The Witch's Hut itself is pretty easy to find as it's marked on the Cauldron Lake map. From the view of the front door, go around to the left and you'll see the fuse box on the wall next to a set of window shutters blowing ominously in the wind. 

2. Turn directly around and walk up the hill

Finding the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2

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Once you've found the fuse box, turn around a complete 180 and start making your way up the small path, which you'll know when you see these crates in front of you. 

Cheekily the game has put one fuse inside the gray crate but it's busted, so continue up the path to find the working one. 

3. Head up and around the small campsite

The small campsite near the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2

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Head up the path and you'll see a small campsite - or camping chair and long-out fire. There is some gear to find here, along with a notepad of a young man lamenting his crush moving away and talking about the goings on at the big house by the lake - aka a nod to the events of Alan Wake 1. There's even an Alan Wake 2 lunchbox to find around to the right. 

But, to find the fuse, keep moving up the path to the left a little. 

4. Look in the plastic buckets under the lean-to

Finding the fuse for the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2

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Just behind the camping chair to the left is a small lean-to covering some boxes, an oil drum, and a few plastic boxes and trays. Inside the right-hand blue plastic tray you'll find the Witch's Hut fuse. 

Then it's just a case of heading back down to the Witch's Hut and placing it inside the fuse box itself. Let there be light!

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