How to solve the Alan Wake 2 battery amps stash puzzle

Alan Wake 2 cult stashes watery town algebra question about batteries and amps
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Solving the Alan Wake 2 battery amp stash puzzle requires you to use some proper algebra to get a three-digit code that unlocks the crate. The note attached to the Watery town pier cult stash tasks you with figuring out how many amps battery B2 is worth based on some limited information. The survival horror leanings of Alan Wake 2 means puzzles are a given, but a full-on exam question certainly caught me by surprise - and it's not the only one! To save you the hassle of solving this yourself, I've crunched the numbers for the Alan Wake 2 battery stash puzzle below.

How to open the Alan Wake 2 battery cult stash and solve the B2 amps puzzle

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The quick answer to this maths question for the Alan Wake 2 battery amps puzzle stash is that B2 has 496 amps. That means the code you need to enter for the stash's padlock is 4 9 6.

After opening the stash, I got shotgun shells, crossbow bolts, and a trauma pad, so it was worth solving for some supplies. Like the note inside, I'm sure you were just as surprised to find algebra in a survival horror game but there you go. Here's my working in case you want extra proof:

  1. The first part of the question explains that B1, B2, and B3 total 1600 amps when added, therefore B1 + B2 + B3 = 1600
  2. The second part explains that B1 = 2B3 and B2 = B3 + 128.
  3. Substitute these into the original equation to get: 2B3 + (B3 + 128) + B3 = 1600
  4. Simplify that down and solve for B3:
    4B3 + 128 = 1600
    4B3 = 1472
    B3 = 368
  5. Therefore, B2 = 368 + 128 = 496
  6. Substitute it all into the original equation to check: 2(368) + (368 + 128) + 368 = 1600

If you've not already got it, make sure you grab the crossbow from one of the other Alan Wake 2 cult stashes in Watery – it's a pretty useful weapon to have, and there's quite a lot of ammo for it around the town. In the next chapter, you can also stumble across the Alan Wake 2 car and bike stash while in the Bright Falls woods.

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