Horizon Forbidden West Aerial Capture West - How to find it and how to complete it

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Aerial Capture West
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Aerial Capture West in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is one of the more complicated side quests you'll find in the DLC. Unlike the other Aerial Capture points, it's not just a case of finding the signal and following the trail on your Sunwing - or Waterwing, one of Burning Shores' new machines. Instead, you've got to take down its protector first. Here's how to find, unlock, and complete Aerial Capture West in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores. 

1. Head over to the west of the map

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As the name suggests, you can find Aerial Capture West over in the west of the map - as you can see above. The area is covered by a huge storm cloud that's got some seriously aggressive lightning strikes. You won't be able to do anything in this area until you get the storm to pass, which involves taking out the Apex Stormbird that's swirling in the clouds overhead.

2. Fly up into the clouds and track the Stormbird

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Fly up into the lightning-filled clouds above the island and find the Stormbird. Using your Focus you'll be able to find it's trail, so just keep following that until the Stormbird comes into view. It'll attack you - so just let it - and you'll fall back to earth (thankfully without taking any damage to you or your winged mount). 

3. Take down the Stormbird

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Then you'll have to fight the Stormbird. Because it's an Apex version, it's not an easy fight, so make sure you've got some acid and plasma ammo to deal some serious damage. 

4. Look for this small building

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Once it's taken out, look for this small building nearby. Open up the door and you'll find the Aerial Capture West signal bleeping away inside. Interact with it and you'll be able to start the side quest at last. 

5. Complete Aerial Capture West

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The starting point for the Aerial Capture West trail is nearby, so fly through it and follow the glowing purple course as closely as you can until you reach the capture point and can interact with it using R3. And you're all done!

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