How to get the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Heaven and Earth door code

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Heaven and Earth door code
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To get the Heaven and Earth door code in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, you'll need to find the right entries that correspond to clues from the four logs Seyka will upload and play for you. Using your focus, you're able to navigate through the hologram archive which details different asteroid missions associated with Londra over the years. Before you are a timeline of years you can go through, and each one will display a line around Earth above to show you where an asteroid is located. 

By focusing on the asteroid shown in blue, you'll be able to access that year's data to search for one of the four digits that make up the code. Aloy will usually make a remark when you land on the right data set, but each asteroid mission you look at will display two different numbers made distinguishable with green coloring. Below, we'll take you through how to find the right numbers. And if you want to skip the steps, you'll find the full Heaven and Earth Door code below. 

How to get the Heaven and Earth door code in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

The first log has Londra speaking of a mission in the year 2050. During the log, Londra mentions that the flight is "dear" to him, which is the clue we want to pay attention to. On the asteroid that corresponds to the year, we can then take note of the flight number to get our first digit: 3. 

The second log mentions platinum, so we know we need to search through the years to find an asteroid mission associated with the element. You'll want to navigate your way to the year 2054 to find the right data set with your Focus. As Aloy mentions, the log makes note of the amount of platinum, which tells us our next door code digit: 2

The third log details a mining accident with "incalculable losses". Without a year given just like the log before, we'll need to use this information to find an asteroid mission where an accident occurred. On the hologram, make your way over to the year 2064 to locate the right data set. With the log mentioning loss, we need to pay attention to the number associated with the amount of miners killed for the next digit: 8. 

The fourth log sees Londra speak of a mission involving cobalt and Xialou Lunar Resources. The latter is the clue we need to navigate to the correct data set. Navigate to the year 2056 to find the corresponding asteroid, which once again shows two different numbers. In the log, Londra speaks about his determination to dig out the cobalt, not matter how long it takes. So, paying attention to the number of years it takes to get the cobalt, we can get our final door code digit: 5. 

So the final door code is: 3285

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