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Accident strikes The Sorcerers Apprentice

An incident happened early Monday on the set of Nicolas Cage’s latest movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

The scene, for which the filmmakers had closed part of New York’s Times Square, was meant to show two cars weaving in and out of staged traffic.

But the lead vehicle – a Ferrari being driven by a stunt double for Cage – skidded off course and ran into a nearby store.

Two people were injured – one a 23-year-old man struck by a falling pole that the car dislodged and the other a 21-year-old women who suffered damage to her foot.

Neither were considered serious, thank goodness.

None of the stars – including Cage, Jay Baruchel and Alfred Molina – were on set, as it appears to have been second unit shooting.

And this being the age of the instant reaction, the footage is already up on YouTube (above).

"On site production medics responded immediately and two pedestrians were taken to the hospital for evaluation," said a statement from the production.

"One person has been released and while we were told the second person was also released we have not been able to confirm that. All safety regulations were followed and second unit filming will continue as planned."

The film is due to be released net year. Let’s hope they have better luck.

[Source: THR ]