Yacht Club Games announces the Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo, and pre-orders are open

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Update: Yacht Club Games has officially announced the Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo. It's functionally the same as the original Shovel Knight amiibo, but features a shiny gold finish called the "Ornate Plate." Releasing in December, you can pre-order the Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo via GameStop and Best Buy. Yacht Club Games says they aren't intentionally limiting supply, so don't feel like you need to rush in order to get your hands on one.

Original Story: Amiibo enthusiasts and collectors, you might find yourself inside a GameStop store sooner than you expected, as you'll need to do just that if you want to guarantee a pre-order for a secret gold Shovel Knight amiibo. This all might sound like news from decades past, but it's true - the amiibo has yet to surface on GameStop's website, so the only way to know for sure you'll get one when it releases is to actually go into a GameStop and put in a pre-order like it's 2007.

It's being reported that you have to provide a specific SKU to the GameStop employee to secure your pre-order, but as some Reddit comments indicate, it's just as likely the employees will already know how to look up the elusive amiibo. Either way, it's always best to come prepared: the gold Shovel Knight amiibo's SKU is 103739.

Reports first surfaced with a leaked image from GameStop's internal system showing the gold Shovel Knight amiibo listing and SKU. Then, Redditors began sharing their success stories, and shortly afterward Destructoid's Chris Carter confirmed the amiibo's existence by placing a pre-order in-store at GameStop using the provided SKU.

Of course, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Nintendo announces the gold Shovel Knight amiibo and formally opens pre-orders during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct. Basically, unless you can't sleep without knowing with 100% certainty that you'll have your very own gold Shovel Knight amiibo standing proudly among your collection, it's probably fine to just wait for an official announcement and pre-order online.

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