5 GIFs of creative mass slaughter in GTA Online that make you question the meaning of life

Here's five short videos of the latest craze to hit GTA Online – and, no, we don't mean the new Tron-style lightcycle races from the latest update – but a series of increasingly demented experiments to injure crowds of people using vehicles and objects from the in-game editing tools. Highlights include a crowd of virtual pedestrians being slowly rammed by a bus off a floating platform at 10,000 feet before melting into the pavement. A fitting end to the week, all told.

Man shoots 100 floating pedestrians onto spinning helicopter blades with predictable results

Crop duster inches toward oblivious crowd of bystanders and scuffs their corpses one-by-one, in a scene that forces one to reflect on whether today reflected the premium use of one's intellect

GTA Online mod makes it rain flaming cars apropos of certain apocalypse, causing one bystander to briefly look up from their Jet Black iPhone 7 and ironically mutter 'GREAT' through a partially-waxed walrus moustache

YouTube personality painstakingly stacks 100 digital people, positions self on top, accidentally falls off, laughs

A bus slowly maws your expressionless face before you fall 10,000 feet to certain death, while casually catching glimpses of your fellow damned, who appear strangely nonplussed

It's been one of those weeks.

*Huge shout out, of course, to YouTuber's Ivanowski, NoughtPointFourLIVE and WatchMojo.com for these fabulous videos. Have a great weekend.

Dan Dawkins

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