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So uh, GTA Online has gone full-on Tron with its new lightcycle races

Here's a weird one: GTA Online (opens in new tab) has added a Tron-esque lightcycle mode called Deadline to its multitude of multiplayer modes, complete with arcade-like power-ups and some sick, synthetic beats. Why? Hell I dunno. But don't question it, just enjoy the neon-tinted throwback:

The motorcycle you see in the video - dubbed the Nagasaki Shotaro - isn't limited to the new Deadline mode, though you will have to play at least one round if you want to take it for a spin on the streets of Los Santos. Once you've completed a match of Deadline, head to Legendary Motorsports and you'll be able to buy your own, non-light-trailing version (that one's just for the Deadline mode).

Now the only question is, will Rockstar implement this mode in the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab)? I'd be down for some cyberpunk horse racing.

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