3D Dot Game Heroes Apple Shard, Magic Up and Small Block Guide

# 1) This one is sort of in the middle of nowhere so bear with me. Due West of Ortego, and south of the Vatara Highlands you'll come across a clearly visible chest on an outcropping of a cliff. Finding it isn't hard, but getting there is a bit tricky. You have to make a big circle around -- first to the South, and then turning East -- and eventually make your way back to the spot. The nice thing about this is that all the possible paths are pretty easy to see. So if one turns out to be a dead end, don't get discouraged.

# 2) Northeast of Jim's Shack in the Flame Temple zone. Head east past the falling rocks, and go down the stairs at the very southeast corner of the tile. Sidle along the ledge and the chest that awaits you contains a Small Block.

# 3) Directly East of the graveyard in the bottom left corner of the world map. It's in a chest one tile over, and up a set of stairs in plain sight.

# 4) From the location of number 3, go down the stairs and head North. Go north a few screens, and you'll find a chest in plain sight near a right turn. The chest contains a Small Block.

# 5) Due West of Candata Inn (1 square) and due south of Ortego (1 square) there is an area where you can go down two sets of stairs, and be in a pit (of sorts) of mostly jumping spiders. Explore this area and before long you should see a chest in broad daylight on a small cliff. You can reach it easily with the Wire Rod. This is also the location where you get the Holy Sword (inside a cave close by.)

# 6) There's a chest just North of Ortego Village. No tricks. It's that simple! Go around the village, and go North from the West.

# 7) North of Ortego Village there is a maze-esque section with trenches, and a chest above the trenches. Use the Wire Rod to vault over and get the chest.

# 8) From the location of #7, exit the trench maze and head down the stairs. Go West one screen. Then go North up the stairs, and you'll see a chest nearby in front of you. It may look like you can't get to it, but follow the path forward and you'll get there.

# 9) After crossing the bridge East of Dotnia Castle heading towards the desert zone, head North. There's a series of platforms that you can use to cross the river using your Wire Rod. After doing so, head North again to find a treasure chest overlooking the river.

# 10) In the portal zone near Colneria, warp to the only island with 3 portal pads and take the northernmost pad.

# 11) On the mountain leading to the Flame Temple. The chest is visible from nearly the beginning of the ascent. Once you get to an altitude higher than the chest, keep an eye out for ledges that you can jump down from. This will allow you to reach the Small Block.

# 12) Beat the Dash Circuit in Raejack Village in under 20 seconds.

# 13) Beat the Dash Circuit in Colneria Village in under 60 seconds.

# 14-18) You'll get 1 Small Block for every stage (5 total) you get a perfect clear on in Block Defense.

#19) Around the rim of the giant donut shaped lake. The process for getting here is far more complex than it really needs to be, and you'll pass this Small Block on the way to picking up Apple Shard #26 so you should do those in tandem. See that entry for needlessly complex means of getting here.

# 20) This one is a piece of cake as long as you've got the Wire Rod. Simple head West out of Colneria, until you go down two sets of simultaneous stairs. Then in plain sight will be a treasure chest across a small gap that you need to use the Wire Rod to traverse.

# 21-26) Every dungeon besides the Tower of Darkness has a Small Block inside of it. These blocks are generally very easy to stumble across simply by opening every chest you come across. However, in some cases there may be a room in which all of the enemies must be defeated in order to expose the chest. If this is the case then there will be a stone tablet with writing on it in the room. Simply be thorough, open every chest you see, and if possible be sure to clear every room of enemies at least once.

# 27) Just East of Life Shard #27. Far North of Raejack Village, near the entrance to the top overworld tile on this column. Head into the mountainous regions, and just before you reach the snowy mountains there will be a gap you must cross using the Wire Rod. Next to it will be the treasure chest containing your Small Block.

# 28) Just to the right of Hotel Nialliv, go up the stairs, and go to the cliff edge to the near south. You should be able to see the very tip of a chest below you. Go to the right, and there is an area where you can jump off the the shelf below and grab the chest.