3D Dot Game Heroes Apple Shard, Magic Up and Small Block Guide

# 1) In the Forest Temple behind the Red Door. You can purchase a Red Key for 1000G from the salesman in Jim's Shack in the Flame Temple zone.

# 2) In the Water Temple behind the Blue Door. You can purchase a Blue Key for 1000G from the salesman in Jim's Shack in the Flame Temple zone.

# 3) In the Wind Temple behind the Green Door. You can purchase a Green Key for 100G from the salesman in Jim's Shack in the Flame Temple zone.

# 4) This quest chain begins in the Flame Temple zone at Jim's Shack. Talk to the girl in pink inside the shack who will ask you for Firewood. Then head to Wardna's House, and talk to the man in the back next to the bed who will give you some. Bring it back to Jim's Shack and talk to the girl to receive the Spa Egg. Take the egg to the town square in Raejack Village and find the old man. Give him the egg and he'll give you the Cook Book. There is a girl wandering around Colneria -- near the stairs that lead south -- who will give you Fresh Fish in exchange for the Cook Book. Finally, bring the Fish to the boy in Candata Inn who will reward you with a Magic Up.

# 5) If you talk to the sign man in Wardna's House he'll give you a mission to find all of his special signs. Find all 10 and he'll give you a Magic Up.

# 6) In the bottom right tile, take the exact same route as you would to go to the Desert Temple. When you're going along the cliffs overlooking the pits of jumping spiders you'll eventually come across two rows of conveyor belts (aka "Quicksand) with a chest to the left. Simply take the left conveyor belt and open the chest.

# 7) Heading East from Dotnia Castle, make your way across the second bridge. Then head North and a Magic Up will be waiting for you inside of a chest (roughly parallel with the cave across the river.)

# 8) This Magic Up is in a chest in the Lost Woods before you go to the Forest Temple. The route is similar to that which you would use to take to the Temple itself, but is slightly different. From the entrance, go up, right, up, left, left, down ,down. There is a chest at the end of a U-shaped formation of trees.