3D Dot Game Heroes Apple Shard, Magic Up and Small Block Guide

Welcome to GamesRadar's amazing guide to finding tons of tiny objects in a gigantic overworld! Here you'll find tips on how to find oodles of Apple Shards, Magic Up's, and Small Blocks (which, if you're new to 3D Dot Game Heroes, are very important later on since they serve as a form of currency to buy new and exciting swords from the Block King.) Some of the pieces are a little tricky, but grab enough of them and you'll soon be the most powerful mega-sword wielding punk in the history of Dotnia. More images and a few more entries coming soon!

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Apple Shards

# 1)Search the forest North-Northeast of the Grass Temple. You're on the right track when you start seeing dark cloud-like enemies that attack with lightning. In the northeast corner of the zone you'll start to see rock formations. Go around the long chain of rock mounds, and go North until you come to an area with six rock mounds in it. Head left and go up the stairs in the next zone. YourApple Shard awaits you in a chest surrounded by bushes!

# 2) This shard comes from an event sequence in which you investigate the tumultuous love triangles of the first town in Dotnia, Raejack Village. It takes a few minutes to complete, but rarely will you find an easier Heart Shard to acquire. After beating the grass temple, go and talk to the guard in front of the castle (left side.) He'll give you the Red Love Letter. Take the Red Love Letter to the woman near the Potion Shop in Raejack, and she'll give you the Blue Love Letter. Take the Blue Love Letter to the man near Dic the Inventor's house (north of the town square.) He'll give you the Yellow Love Letter. Take that to the girl in Raejack who is between the Potion Shop and the Inn (there's only one or two.) She'll give you the Green Love Letter. Finally, take that letter back to the guard you originally spoke to, and he'll give you theApple Shard for all your hard work.

# 3) This next piece will take much longer to complete, so get this quest at the beginning of the game and you'll hopefully chip away at it over time. Find the old man in the north end of Raejack Village. He'll give you a quest to kill 10 "monsters." It's a bit cryptic since you can't simply kill any 10 monsters. You must kill 10 crystal slimes. They're rare spawns, and can be hard to kill because of their extreme speed, but you'll know them when you see them. They sparkle and scurry around like a little cloud. Talk to him again when you're done to receive yourApple Shard.

# 4) The old lady near the entrance of Ortego will ask you to bring dancers to their boring village. Wait, dancers? What dancers? Head back to Raejack Village and talk to the Fortune Teller north of town square who has now found her sister. Now broke they'll happily accept the job offer and head to Ortego. Return to Ortego for your shard. The woman is now found to the right of the entrance where the girls are performing.

#5) Directly in front of the entrance of Ortego Village there's a man inside a building who asks you to spare 100G. Initially he seems like a total moocher, but go stay at an inn, then come back and give him another 100G. Then do it again. And again! Now, for all of your generosity, he'll give you your hard-earnedApple Shard.