3D Dot Game Heroes Apple Shard, Magic Up and Small Block Guide

# 6) In Ortego Village, head to the house that is one screen above the entrance of the town. There's a rock-statue maze you'll need to navigate to earn a Heart Shard. Move the first statue backward. Then go left, and move the second and fourth statues (from the left) backward then move the third block sideways. Now head over to claim your piece!

# 7) Enter Ortego village then head north across the bridge, and then right across the next bridge. Enter the nearly vacant building to find a man dying of thirst. He'll give you an empty bottle, and beg for you to bring him some water. Head to Colneria Village to get 'Lots of Water' from the girl with the cat at the south end of the village. Bring the water back to the thirsty dude to claim yourApple Shard.

# 8) Use the Mirror of Truth on the dog in Raejack Village (the one the girl hints might "think he's a human") and he'll give you a shard.

# 9) At the southeast end of Raejack Village there is a wishing well inside of a cave. You can choose to throw 20G into the well. Do so, and you'll receive random supplies like apples and bombs. Eventually, you'll receive anApple Shard. This may take many tries so make sure you have at least a few hundred G to spare.

# 10) West of Candata Inn there is a chest surrounded by bombable rocks holding a Heart Shard. Use the conveyor belts as if you were going to the Desert Temple. Head to the very Southwest corner of the map. Before you there should be a set of four belts moving in different directions. Get on the far left one and use it to bring you closer to the chest. Then simply bomb the rocks and use your Wire Rod to transport you over the belts and to yourApple Shard.

# 11) Set out East from Colneria. Keep going East and eventually you'll come to a merchant on a beach with a chest near him. TheApple Shard is in the chest ready for the taking. And BONUS! You can buy the relatively sweet Claymore sword from him.

# 12) In the portal area south west of Colneria Village. Take the first portal, and then hop off the southern edge to reach a bombable wall leading to a cave. TheApple Shard lies waiting inside.