We can understand even the most gun-hungry gamers heaving a heavy old sigh at the recent announcement of Polish developer Techland’s new FPS Warhound. Mostly because it’ll be hard to find a real stand-out among the roster of genre-standard features the game boasts. Firstly, you play a mercenary, rather than a patriotic soldier - just like Mercenaries 2 and Rogue Warrior.

The game also promises nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to weaponry, vehicles or battlegrounds. And even the title is so dully generic you'd have to write it down for fear of forgetting what game to ask for come autumn.

But we insist that you don't write it off, and join us in looking forward to getting your hands on Warhound later in the year - because, for all its initial lack of originality, it's sounding damn tasty.


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