Unseen Star Wars Art Revealed By ImagineFX

Never-before-seen Imperial droid, Yoda and Jar Jar pictures are revealed by our sister magazine ImagineFX this month

On sale today, our stablemate ImagineFX has gone Star Wars -tastic, including a new droid designed exclusively by Lucasfilm. Drawn by Lucasfilm’s Aaron McBride as an addition to the Empire's army, the new combat robot is a cousin of the iconic AT-ST walker.

Diminutive Jedi Master Yoda appears as you’ve never seen him before in a series of Iain McCaig concept sketches for 1999’s The Phantom Menace – sporting an impressive head of hair and, in another, hirsute moustache and beard combo.

Star Wars is the most iconic film series of all time,” says Claire Howlett, editor of ImagineFX , “and these new unseen images and interviews provide a unique look into how they were created by George Lucas and his team.”

The issue also interviews Terryl Whitlatch who designed Episode I’s most controversial character, but she doesn’t take credit for Jar Jar's on-screen antics… “I think people didn’t like the sound of his voice," Whitlatch tells ImagineFX . "From what I understand it wasn’t so much the design, it was more of how he behaved and I don’t want to comment too much more on that in case I get myself into any trouble!”

Whitlatch reveals in the 23 August issue how much she enjoyed the experience of working with George Lucas. “We were running as fast as we could, artistically speaking. We had deadlines when we met with George every week, usually on a Friday, but sometimes more than that. He gave us an awful lot of freedom and blue sky which was awful wise, I think, because he got a lot out of us and ended up with more designs than he would have if we’d just stuck to a rigid description of creatures and vehicles. So it was just really wonderful.”

Celebrating the release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray, ImagineFX ’s collaboration with Lucasfilm is a treasure trove of Star Wars art and information. Lifting the lid on the making of the series that became a $4 billion box office dynasty, ImagineFX ’s Star Wars special brings together artists from all six films. Academy Award-winning artist Ralph McQuarrie recounts the creation of Star Wars: A New Hope , and award-winning painter Greg Hildebrandt reveals how he created the classic 1977 film poster.

Established in 2006, ImagineFX is the world’s best-selling digital arts magazine. The Star Wars art issue is available in stores from today.