The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Such a treasure chest of gorgeous new screens can mean only one thing - Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is due for release in Japan in mere weeks on June 23, and we’re giggling insanely at the thought of setting sail once more on the Great Sea in search of pirates, booty and… the missing Tetra?

Phantom Hourglass is the sequel to the excellent Wind Waker on GameCube, an adventure that saw Link reincarnated as a lad in a flooded future world where only the highest bits of land remained as tiny islands in the vast expanse of water.

On his journey to reunite the “Triumph Forks,” Link met a feisty pirate girl called Tetra, who bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain princess from long ago, and ended up sailing away with her in search of new lands and new adventures.

And that’s exactly what he’s found in this DS follow-up, which begins with Link and Tetra encountering a ghostly ship. Eager to explore, Tetra jumps aboard first. But bad things happen and Link winds up falling into the fog-shrouded waters as he attempts to rescue her. Washing up later on the shore of an uncharted island, he embarks on a quest to locate the pirate booty and maybe even find some treasure as well.


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