The Chronicles of Narnia review

GamesMaster roars with laughter at the game of the film...

Who said videogames can't make you laugh? Narnia had us cackling like witches throughout - not bad for a game that isn't supposed to be funny.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a very Lord of the Rings-like mix of adventure and combat. Which is why we giggled like chimps; to make it work, the four kids you control use hilariously inappropriate moves, such as thumping thick bars of ice apart with their bare fists, or riding bareback on wild wolves.

When you've finished sellotaping your sides back together, though, you'll realise that Narnia is more than just a giggle. The long goblin-battering battles are repetitive, but otherwise the action whips along.

The game's wintry land is stuffed with secrets, and compact enough that you'll want to find all the coins, tokens and ice statues.

As you traipse further into Narnia, the resemblance to LOTR gets even more uncanny: epic battles unfold around you, and your scrapping becomes a fireworks display of magic and flame. Shame it's all over so quickly, really.

So play Narnia, but do it after you've seen the film. Otherwise you'll risk choking fatally on your popcorn when Susan appears on-screen, as you remember her swinging Edward around her head to smash a tree apart with his face.

The Chronicles of Narnia is out for PS2, PC, DS and GBA on 25 November and for Xbox and Gamecube in March 2006

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