Check out Rogue One's new ships, costumes and info from Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration is under way and it's given us a first close up and personal looks at some of Rogue One's new ships and costumes, as well as some new details on the characters. There's a new TIE Fighter for example, called a TIE Striker, and some more info on those yellow shoretroopers. 

Here's a bunch of pictures I took of all the cool stuff, along with the descriptions and notes on display with them.

TIE Striker

This is the new Tie Striker, it's described as "a streamlined variant to the classic TIE fighter". According to the info at Star Wars Celebration it's designed for "atmospheric patrols over important Imperial ground based installations" (as in planet atmosphere, not moody) and can also fly in space, where it's mention it can "accompany normal TIE Fighters in chasing down enemy starships." 

Death Trooper

The Imperial Death Troopers are the elite soldiers of Imperial intelligence. They have specialised stormtrooper armour and serve as bodyguards for Rogue One's villain Director Krennic. 


The shoretrooper is a specialist stormtrooper stationed at "top secret Imperial military headquarters". They patrols the beaches and bunkers of this curious unspecified "planetary facility".

Imperial AT-ACT Cargo Walker

This is described as a larger version of the normal AT-AT. It incorporates a dedicated cargo bed for "the transportation of heavy building materials of combat munitions". It's apparently mainly deployed at large Imperial construction projects like shipyards and "sprawling research installations". 

Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

This is a Delta-class T 3c shuttle described as having "a starkly geometric hull shape and folding bat-like wings". The descriptions ends by saying "once it lands and deploys its passengers - the cruel Director Krennic and his squad of elite trooper - all sense of dread proves extremely warranted". 


Star War's classic stormtroopers are back in Rogue One after their First Order redesign in The Force Awakens. They're the "faceless legions" and loyal imperials who "undergo rigorous training that strips them of any sense of individuality". These looks a little more kitted out for longer patrols with those backpacks. 

Director Orson Krennic

Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) is the director of advanced weapons research for the Imperial military. The information describes him as "obsessed with the completion of the long-delayed Death Star project". He's described as a cruel but brilliant man who has staked his reputation on the delivery of a functional battle station to the Emperor. 

Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) is the lead in Rogue One and described as "putting behind a checkered past by lending her skills to a greater cause". She's "defiant and eager to bring the battle to the Empire" and find a higher purpose by taking on a "desperate mission for the Rebel Alliance".

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed's Bodhi Rook is a former Imperial pilot with strong flying and technical skills he now uses for the Rebellion. He's described as practical but highly anxious and "must gather his courage to bring the battle to the Empire".

Baze Malbus

Baze Malbus (played by Jiang Wen) is a pragmatic soldier hardened by the "harsh reality of his Imperial-occupied home world". He's a crack shot with a heavy repeater cannon and has a "bravado" in contrast to Chirrut Îmwe, another Rogue One character described as his "moral compass".

Captain Cassian Andor

Diego Luna's Cassian Andor is an accomplished Alliance intelligence officer with combat field experience. He's respected by his troops because of his ability to "keep a cool head under fire and complete missions with minimal resources".

Chirrut Îmwe

Chirrut Îmwe, played by Donnie Yen, is a deeply spiritual character who believes that all things are connected by the Force. (Remember Rogue One is set in a period of Star Wars history when no one believed in Jedi anymore). Despite being blind he's a highly skilled warrior, although without Force abilities. Instead he's used intense physical and spiritual training to achieve his prowess.  

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