Street Fighter II HD demo on its way

With all the buzz surrounding Street Fighter IV these days, it's easy to forget there's a massive remake of the game that started it on still on the way. Turbo Remix is on track for its summer release, and we spent some time busting heads as Ryu and Ken a few days ago. The results:

Above: It's only a demo, so perhaps the grating music will be fixed?

The same version we played, with only Ryu, Ken and an assortment of backgrounds available, will be available as a demo sometime after Commando 3 launches this spring. Buying Commando 3 guarantees you a spot in the eight week beta/demo version which, despite lacking most of the fighters, does include a quarter mode, tournaments and ranked play. The final version includes all 17 fighters, the option to play with the new HD sprites or the classic renditions, remixed music and a choice of traditional mechanics versus completely re-tuned balancing for every fighter. Sounds like a purist's dream.

Oh, and bad news PSN users - the beta's for XBLA only.

Mar 13, 2008


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