Soul Calibur 6 custom characters include Bowsette, Thanos, and well-endowed lizardmen

Soul Calibur 6 is out today, and the internet has corrupted its Create-A-Soul character creator in record time. It helps that the character creator in Soul Calibur 6 is more expansive compared to previous games: on top of more individual settings and sliders, it also features a suite of different playable races with unique styles. Let's see what players have done with those options so far.

First up: some good old-fashioned videogame cosplay. We've seen a stunning Tyrande (Warcraft) getup from Reddit user Feldrassil, a near-perfect 2B (Nier: Automata) outfit from Hydrangeabed, ValeforXV's authentic Tyrael (Diablo), and an oddly appropriate Ciri (The Witcher, above) from Anemeros. I mean, Geralt is a guest character in the main game, so it's only fitting for Ciri to join him. Then we have a few less likely characters, like Corviak's Sonic the Hedgehog (who uses Tira's moveset, because rings), and even some fan-made characters like Spiderkite's take on Bowsette (thumbnail credit). Wait, didn't Bowsette just invade The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Truly she knows no bounds.  

Comics and anime have gotten some love too. YouTuber RajmanGaming found a way to get Dr. Doom and Spider-Man to fight (above), and YouTuber Bensonthebrilliant cooked up a remarkably accurate Thanos using Zasalamel's theatrical attacks (below). Reddit user Ghost8899nom put together a nice Harley Quinn. A few popular anime character have cropped up as well, like Matteumayuo's Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill), Pat_Rick_Rock's Ains Ooal Gown (Overlord), and DaniVegaz' Guts (Berserk).  

But while many players set out to create characters, some focused on recreating specific body parts. Lo and behold, people figured out how to give characters giant penises. According to Reddit user X-Henny-X, this is accomplished by combining "an apple, a cylinder, and an upside down heart." I'll let you guess which, erm, roles each of those items serve. Or better yet, I'll show you. As Twitter user Rhys discovered (via VG24/7), this combination is especially… striking when paired with Voldo's flamboyant, pelvic-thrust-heavy movement.  

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Never change, internet.  

Custom characters are great, but if you're also curious about the main cast, check out the full Soul Calibur 6 roster

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