Bowsette comes to Breath of the Wild thanks to this immaculate mod

I wonder if anyone at Nintendo had any inclination as to what the Super Crown power-up in New Super Mario Bros. U would unleash upon the internet. In what seemed like an instant, one little comic by artist Ayyk92 depicting a Peach-ified Bowser whipped up a storm of (often NSFW) fanart, which is still going today and has even spawned its own porn parody. But where countless artists took one look at Bowsette and thought "I want to draw her," modder Lynard Killer thought "I want to play as her." Lo and behold, Bowsette is now playable in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to a mod for the CEMU Wii U emulator. 

There are countless Bowsette variations out there but the model used in the mod is pretty traditional, complete with a small Bowser shell and tail, a toggleable black dress, and the all-important horns and Super Crown. She's also got some pretty authentic sound effects, and the whole effect is especially convincing given that Lynard Killer's reveal trailer focuses on fiery weaponry.  

As our sister site PC Gamer reported, the Breath of the Wild modding scene is, in a word, amazing. Several characters have already been modded into the game, from Grand Theft Auto's CJ to Sonic the freaking Hedgehog - so if anything, Bowsette is a relatively normal addition. I mean, she looks a bit like Zelda and she is based on two Nintendo characters mixed together. Compared to CJ, she's practically canon. 

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Austin Wood

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