Skylanders: Swap Force treasure locations guide

Twisty Tunnels

Story Scroll: The Fire Vipers of Doom

When you reach Perilous Plateau, took a right from Sharpfin and head up the slope to find this scroll.

Rubber Ducky (1/5)

After encountering the Boom Bosses, bust up the boxes in the back of the area. Follow this hidden path to find the first ducky.

Rubber Ducky (2/5)

You'll spot this as you approach the second platform with a rotating electrical rod. Proceed through, then take a left at the next platform to reach it.

Rubber Ducky (3/5)

Take a left before exiting Arid Cave to grab this off of a ledge.

Rubber Ducky (4/5)

Before destroying the second crystal, continue up the platforms past the screws. You'll find this a little higher up.

Legendary Treasure: Crystal Fire Heart

When you land in Underground Lake, you'll be near a dual Undead/Earth Elemental Gate. Use a Swap Force character with these elements (or use appropriate Skylanders, if you're playing co-op) to open the way. Complete the challenge inside to earn this.

Rubber Ducky (5/5)

Take a left after crossing the long green bridge in Serene Walkway. This leads to the last duck.


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