Nic Cage goes on the warpath in new trailer for Rage: watch now

The new trailer for Nic Cage's latest action-fest, Rage (formerly known as Tokarev ), has appeared online, and fans of the leading man's more "out-there" performances will be pleased to see him dialling it all the way up to eleven.

Cage stars a former criminal, who is forced to return to his bad old ways when his daughter is abducted by a gang of violent kidnappers.

Sage old cop Danny Glover is on hand to warn him against taking the law into his own hands, but will Cage listen? Well what do you think?

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Yes, there's nothing like a bit of full-power Cage to brighten up a drizzly Thursday morning. We look forward to finding out just how deep "deep as Hell" turns out to be…

Directed by Paco Cabezas and co-starring Peter Stormare, Rachel Nichols and Max Ryan, Rage will open in the UK later this year, with a specific release date to be confirmed.


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