Nail all 50 Stunt Jumps in GTA IV

Video and maps for every single jump in Liberty City

Jumps 31 and 32

Jump 31 is simple enough, but 32 takes some finding. You'll actually pick up a 4-star wanted level for even attempting it as you're enter therestricted area. By the time the cops realise you're inside, you should have made it to the staircase. Yes, on your motorbike.

Just head forward and left from the entrance to find the stairs, then follow the video. But be very careful not to go too fast over the ramp across to the first roof - it's very easy to overshoot. Once you've nailed the jump, there's a ramp in the garden to get you over the wall and on your way to freedom.

Jumps 33-35

We say goodbye to Alonquin and hello to the fourth and final main island, Alderney. The jumps are pretty straightforward here, but that didn't stop us from falling off at every opportunity. It still registers, though.

This is the north of the island - the map can get confusing this close in.


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