Merry Christmas review

Those bickering bureaucrats in Brussels might learn something from Christian Carion's moving paean to the Christmas armistice of 1914 - and while this story of Jocks, Jerries and Frenchies swapping trinkets in no man's land resembles Blackadder Goes Forth, it remains a good yarn well told by a pan-European cast.

Setting up the three sides of this short-lived detente takes a while, but once the action switches to the trenches the film achieves an almost crystalline clarity, with Daniel Brühl's sceptical German, Gary Lewis' Scottish priest and Guillaume Canet's French lieutenant finding an unlikely comradeship.

A bitter postscript which sees those involved castigated for fraternisation adds to the pathos. The same, alas, can't be said of Diane Kruger, shockingly wooden as a Danish soprano whose warbling means it's anything but quiet on the Western Front.

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