Available on: GBA, Xbox, PS2

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Cheats

  • Passwords for Stunt School

    SSLTRQVZ Get Level 2
    SSLRSPTY Get Level 3
    SSLFTNSX Get Level 4
    SSLVVMRW Get Level 5
    SSLXWLQV Get Level 6
    SSLSXKPT Get Level 7
    SSLGYJNS Get Level 8
    SSLGYJNS Get Level 9
    SSLTBGLQ Get Level 10
    Submitted by None
  • Passwords for Champion League Mode

    CLJJBGLQ Level # 1: T-Rex Valley
    CLJJCFKP Level # 2: Dinosaur Boneyard
    CLSLDDJN Level # 3: Black Widow's Nest
    CLSLFCHM Level # 4: Insect Hive
    CLBBGBGL Level # 5: White skull Cliffs
    CLBBHZFK Level # 6: Monsters of the Deep
    CLTKJYDJ Level # 7: Jungle Snake pit
    CLTKKXCH Level # 8: Gator Forest
    CLZGLWBG Level # 9: Solar Strip
    CLZGMVZF Level # 10: Satellite Mission
    CLLLNTYD Level # 11: Fire Mountain
    CLLLPSXC Level # 12: Volcano Battle
    CLFNQRWB All Levels
    Submitted by None
  • Passwords for Game Show Mode

    JJCRTVBZ Level 1-2: T-Rex Valley
    JJSCFQCX Level 1-3: Face Off
    JJSCRBDV Level 1-4: Airborne
    JJCRDBFS Level 1-5: Dinosaur Bone yard
    SLCRNHLG Level 2-1: Insect Hive
    SLSCSFGQ Level 2-2: Speed Freak
    SLSCFQHN Level 2-3: Face Off
    SLCRBNJL Level 2-4: Black Widow's Nest
    SLSCTBKJ Level 2-5: Trick Book
    BBSCFQMD Level 3-1: Face Off
    BBCRWCNB Level 3-2: White skull Cliffs
    BBSCCCPY Level 3-3: Cone Crush
    BBSCFSQW Level 3-4: Freestyle
    BBCRMDRT Level 3-5: Monsters of the Deep
    TKSCTBSR Level 4-1: Trick Book
    TKSCSFTP Level 4-2: Speed Freak
    TKCRJSVM Level 4-3: Jungle Snake pit
    TKSCFQWK Level 4-4: Face Off
    TKCRGFXH Level 4-5: Gator Forest
    ZGSCRBYF Level 5-1: Airborne
    ZGCRSSZC Level 5-2: Solar Strip
    ZGSCFSBZ Level 5-3: Freestyle
    ZGSCFQCX Level 5-4: Face Off
    ZGCRSMDV Level 5-5: Satellite Mission
    LLSCTBFS Level 6-1: Trick Book
    LLSCSKGQ Level 6-2: Speed Freak
    LLCRFMHN Level 6-3: Fire Mountain
    LLSCFQJC Level 6-4: Face Off
    LLCRVBKJ Level 6-5: Volcano Battle
    Submitted by None

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Hints

  • Boost Start

    When you start a race, when the screen says "go" your red arrow on your speed meter must be on the little green section. It took me some time, but eventually I got a boost start.
    Submitted by Christian

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge Unlockables

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