GTA 5 under the bridge locations

South Los Santos

Bridge Location 1:

This bridge is the La Puerta Freeway. You can find it at the far south, just to the east of the airport.

Bridge Location 2:

Located just north of the Port of Los Santos, this bridge takes some patience and a tender touch to get under. Go slow and keep moving forward.

Bridge Location 3:

Found just east of the previous bridge, try to keep the same height from the last bridge and zip under this one as well.

Bridge Location 4:

This curved bridge can be hard to miss. Keep it low and continue through to the next bridge as well.

Bridge Location 5:

Located right next to the previous bridge, you'll be able to get this easily by staying at the same height and just just staying on a straight path.

Bridge Location 6:

This bridge is located just east of the Port of Los Santos and crosses with the Elysian Fields Highway.

Bridge Location 7:

Fly under the Elysian Fields Highway located to the south of Los Santo to get rewarded for this bridge.

Bridge Location 8:

Head north along the aqueduct between South Los Santos and East Los Santos where you will come across the next few bridges.

Bridge Location 9:

Bridge Location 10:

Bridge Location 11:

Note: Bridges 12-19 are located in Northern Los Santos, which can be found here.

Bridge Location 20:

Fly under this bridge located where the Del Perro highway and the Olympic highway meet.

Bridge Location 21:

To get this bridge and the next few bridges, simply fly along the aqueduct located between La Puerta and South Los Santos.

Bridge Location 22:

Bridge Location 23:

Bridge Location 24:

Bridge Location 25:

Bridge Location 26:

Bridge Location 27: