GTA 5 Kifflom! and Epsilon tracts guide

Bearing the Truth

Once the Epsilon logo appears, head there for the next mission. This time, Marnie tasks you with wearing Epsilon robes for 10 days. It's not as annoying as it sounds.

Start by heading the Epsilon website and buy the robes for $25,000. Yes, that's really how much they cost. After a one-day cycle, they will appear in your wardrobe.

Now, the 10 days might seem like a lot, but there's a trick to this task - sleeping. Simply sleep repeatedly with Michael, as this passes a lot of time very quickly. Sleep repeatedly until the 10 days are up, and a new mission will unlock.

Delivering the Truth

This one is very straightforward. Head to the new Epsilon logo to meet Torn, who tasks you with flying a plane to an airfield. Hop in and fly to the destination to wrap this one up.

Exercising the Truth

Another Epsilon logo will soon appear on your map. Make sure you're wearing your Epsilon robes, and head there to meet up with the whole Epsilon crew once again. They're ready to send you to meet their leader, but first you must run five miles through the desert. No seriously.

You have two ways to complete this one: active and passive. For the active route, hold down that run button and have Michael run until you receive a notice that the five miles have been completed. For the passive route, you can use a rubber band and a small weighted object to tie the thumbstick back and weigh down the run button. Come back later to find the task completed.

Choose whichever method you prefer, and after the task is completed, you'll receive a call for the final Epsilon mission.

Unknowing the Truth

You've been summoned to the Epsilon Center by Cris Formage, founder of the Epsilon program. Head to the Epsilon logo while wearing the Epsilon robes to start the final mission. You'll also need at least $50,000 in your bank account - money which Cris adds to a store of cash in his car to be sent off to various investments.

After the scene and the money paid, follow Cris' security detail to the designated spot. Upon arriving, you have two choices. You can leave the car at the drop zone to complete your enlightenment, or you can steal Cris' car and make off with the money inside.

Choosing to leave the car at the drop zone is the only way to activate the Epsilon tracts. They won't spawn if you steal the car. Take this into consideration.

Should you choose to steal the car, take out your oppressors and get back into the car quickly - we recommend an RPG or sticky bombs to get rid of the chopper. Escape the cops (or alternatively, the Epsilon guards), and the mission will end. At least you'll get a nice chunk of change from Cris' car, plus an achievement/trophy for your effort. Enlightenment complete.