GTA 5 exclusive content walkthrough for PS4 and Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been updated on PS4 and Xbox One, bringing with it hugely improved graphics, a new first person view mode and a slew of exclusive content for returning players. Tracking down some of these new items can be a tricky task, so to save you the leg work of searching around Los Santos and Blaine County this guide will show you exactly where you need to go to bag your rewards.

Xero Gas Blimp

This manoeuvrable dirigible can be accessed as soon as you complete the opening Franklin and Lamar mission. To collect it, either head to the airport or call the Blimp contact on your phone and arrange for it to be delivered to the Vinewood Racetrack behind the casino.

Hatchet and Rail Gun

These two new weapons are available from Ammu-Nation stores, however they're not unlocked from the start of the game. You should be able to claim the Hatchet once you gain access to Trevor, and the Rail Gun is stocked towards the end of the main campaign.

Wildlife Photography Challenge, Kraken Submarine

To start this challenge, you need to complete the first Paparazzi Strangers %26 Freaks mission with Franklin, which can be found in West Vinewood. Once done, you'll receive a text from Beverly telling you he's signed you up for the photography competition, then an email will arrive from Los Santos Tourist Info with a list of the 20 animals you need to snap for the prize - the Kraken Submarine! For more help with this see our full Wildlife Photography Challenge guide.

Stock Car Races, Cheval Marshall

These are unlocked once you complete the Mr. Philips mission with Trevor, after which you'll receive a text from Ron telling you about the local stock car racing and a marker will appear on the map. For the full low-down on the races and vehicles you can earn visit our Stock Car Races and Cheval Marshall unlock and location guide.

Dodo Seaplane

The Dodo seaplane can be found as a Random Event once you've finished the Nervous Ron mission with Trevor. Get all the information from our Dodo seaplane unlock and location guide.

Imponte Duke O'Death

The Duke O'Death appears as a Random Event after completing the first Tonya Strangers %26 Freaks mission Pulling Favours with Franklin. Full details can be found in our Imponte Duke O'Death unlock and location guide.

Peyote Plants

One update that Rockstar hasn't mentioned in the build up to release is the addition of 27 peyote plant collectibles that, when consumed, send you through a hallucinatory trip into the body of a random animal! Take a 'spiritual journey' by following our Peyote Plant location guide.

Monkey Mosaics, Monkey Outfits/Go Go Monkey Blista

Once you finish the Complications mission with Franklin, you'll receive a text from Lamar telling you about some Monkey Mosaics that have been springing up around town. Photograph all 50 of these designs and you'll unlock Monkey Suits for all characters and a special Go Go Monkey Blista vehicle. To snap every piece of this street art see our full Monkey Mosaics location guide.

Murder Mystery, Vintage Noir Filters

In order to solve this Murder Mystery, you'll need to find a series of cryptic messages scratched into the walls around Los Santos and a number of other clues in order to track down the killer. This is a tough case indeed, but we have the full solution in our Murder Mystery solution and location guide.

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