Get ready for Patrick Wilson castration comedy

Cannes 2010 - Voltage Pictures are introducing completed comedy Barry Munday to buyers at Cannes.

Starring Patrick Wilson, Chloe Sevigny and Colin Hanks, the film follows a womaniser whose hedonistic lifestyle comes to an abrupt end when his testicles are removed by an irate father.

We're assuming that's one of his conquest's fathers as opposed to his own, but don't take our word on that.

cannes 2010

Written and directed by first time helmer Chris D'Arienzo, Barry Munday is based on Frank Turner Hollon's novel, Life Is A Strange Place .

Malcolm McDowell, Mae Whitman ( Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ), Judy Greer ( Arrested Development ), Cybill Shepherd and Billy Dee Williams round out the cast.

Looking forward to some testicular (or anti-testicular) comedy?