Full Auto 2: Battlelines - hands-on

Full Auto 2, as we're fond of pointing out... finally makes sense. The last game was a bunch of shit blowing up in search of an idea; this one pits you against people online and suddenly it makes a heck of a lot more sense. Now, when you smash a stack of pipes and they crush your opponents - even in the single-player mode - you get the satisfaction.

Full Auto 2 has come a long way since the last time we played it about two months ago. The developers have tweaked the multiplayer modes we reveled in then. Though that wasn't the focus of the latest demo - one PS3 on display equals no multiplayer - but we did manage to squeeze a little info out of the Sega rep.

The Base Assault mode, sort of capture the flag in reverse (you blow up the enemy's base, thanks to a bomb in your car) has been reformed with a team focus, with a force field around the base that requires cooperation to get through. We're curious to see how that works out... as well as Cat and Mouse, a mode we never even got a look at last time. A competitive race, it pits two teams (all players as "cats" except one "mouse") against each other. You try to kill the other team's mouse while defending your own. Again, we're really eager to see how in the heck that works during a race.


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