FrightFest poster released

Illustrated poster shows the destruction of London

An awesome new poster has been released for the 2011 FILM4 FrightFest.

The image, illustrated by Graham Humphries, shows us two demons destroying London with a banner saying “12th year” on it.

He commented on it, saying: “As it is the 12th year - my idea was a demonic creature crawling out of Big Ben (12, midnight, of course).

"It’s also a sly nod to 'Shock around the Clock' and there’s a sneaky reference to 'Quatermass And The Pit' as well."

See the full image below:

The full 2011 FILM4 FrightFest line-up is announced on 1 July 2011.

So far Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark and A Lonely Place To Die have been announced to open and close the festival, which will take place from 25-29 August 2011.