Fight Night Champion: going back to basics in brutal style

Dust off those gloves. The champ is back, and he’s packing a punch like never before

Last summer, we played Fight Night: Round 4 for all of a week. Don%26rsquo;t get us wrong. It was a hell of a week, full of multiplayer knockouts, hooting, buckets of blood and even a little bit of hollering. And then%26hellip; well, we never played it again. Partly because fighters felt a little too weedy, partly because the game%26rsquo;s Total Punch Control felt a bit unwieldy.

That%26rsquo;s why we were so pleased to see the radical changes being made to Fight Night Champion at a recent EA event. With a simpler, more intuitive punching system and the most wince-inducing, meaty punches we%26rsquo;ve ever seen with our eye holes, EA%26rsquo;s latest boxer really could be a champ.

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