Exclusive close-up look at Man Of Steel LEGO sets

We thought our Man Of Steel excitement couldn’t get any more intense… until an exclusive bunch of the latest LEGO sets landed on our desks.

While not quite as spoilery as the Iron Man 3 sets we previously got our hands on, there’s still plenty of fuel for the fires of speculation.

So, if you don’t want any potential surprises ruined, back away now. Fans of Superman, plot spoilers and cute figurines with immobile plastic hair, read on!

*Possible spoilers*

First up is the Superman: Metropolis Showdown set, which pits Supes against General Zod in a glowery showdown

The fact that there’s a dust-up in Metropolis shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s seen one of the many Man Of Steel trailers.

What should have you double-taking, however, is the sight of angry, red-eyed Superman shooting laser beams from his eyes.

We’ve seen Zod’s glowing-red peepers before, but Superman’s laser-vision hasn’t been confirmed as yet. Obviously, all this speculation needs to be taken with an unhealthy dose of salt, as LEGO could simply be exercising its artistic license with these sets (after all, they’ve given Superman the iconic curl of hair that seems to have been abandoned by Henry Cavill’s version of the character).

Next we’ve got the Superman: Battle Of Smallville set, which suggests that there will be an epic set-to in the Kents’ hometown, with Superman and Christopher Meloni’s Colonel Hardy on one side, and General Zod and his minions on the other.

Again Supes puts his laser-vision to effective use against Tor-An, and there’s the chance to see the helmets and armour that the Kryptonian military wear. There’s a really strong Prometheus vibe to the helmets (and we’re hoping this doesn’t mean that the Prometheus sequel will become a Man Of Steel prequel-crossover. We're fairly sure it won't.)

Lastly, and most potentially spoilerific of all, is the Superman: Black Zero Escape set. For anyone ultra-familiar with the Superman mythology, the name Black Zero should already set alarm bells ringing.

In the comics, Black Zero was a supervillain who wiped out Krypton (among other planets). Later incarnations cast Black Zero as a terrorist organisation and a computer virus.

A different take on the destruction of Krypton would be in keeping with the fan theories that spouted from the fifth Man Of Steel TV spot .

And it looks like Amy Adams’s Lois Lane has gotten herself in a spot of bother with the MOS incarnation of Black Zero, as you can see in the image below:

[ Click on any of the LEGO images to see them in hi-res ]

Whatever this version of Black Zero is, it has ties to Zod in this LEGO set.

Man Of Steel hits UK cinemas on 14 June 2013. Check out some of TF 's unboxing snaps below, as we put the sets together with giddy glee:



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