E3 2011: Frogger 3D is logical endpoint of "retrogaming" and "reboots"

If you have old parents, then you can be assured that during their youth, there were three things they were mad for: old time arcade games, 3D movies, and milkshakes (until sex was invented in the late 70s, anyway). So now that it's the future and we've got technology that literally makes our lives perfect, obviously the best thing to do with it old arcade games, in 3D.

And when you think of old arcade games, what do you think of? (Say Frogger. If you don't say Frogger, this trailer we've got for you is meaningless).

Here's the trailer for Konami's Frogger 3D, which as you can see uses urban-inspired branding and poundin' techno music to update the title for 2011 (or the late 1990s, at the very least). The game's not a remake of 1997's PlayStation/PC title Frogger 3D, but uses the same basic premise – um, "Frogger in 3D" – pushed much further with varying perspectives and a "challenge mode" offering ridiculous level design unfettered by the constraints of logic or narrative. It's Frogger, on Ritalin! What do you think?

Jun 6, 2011

One last thing:

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Help a blind man get his organic pizza toppings, will ya?




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