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Downhill Domination Cheats

  • Unlock Cheats

    During gameplay press-up, triangle, down, X, left, O, right, square. You should see a message that says cheats unlocked. Now you can enter a code below:
    Super Bounce
    During game play press- left, square, X, up, triangle.
    Super Bunny-hop
    During game play press- up, X, left, square, up.
    During game play press- down, triangle, square, square, up.
    Mega Flip
    During game play press- right, up, up, right, right, square.
    Combat Upgrade
    During game play press- up, down, left, left, right.
    Energy Restore
    During game play press- down, right, right, left, left.
    Adrenaline Boost
    During game play press- down, left, , left, right.
    Upgrade to Bottle
    During game play press- up, down, left, left, right, right
    Stoke Trick Meter
    During game play press- down, left, left, right, right
    Combat Mode
    During game play press- Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left
    Get $5,000
    During game play press- Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square
    Simple Money
    To get simple money just go to arcade mode and when you start the race don't try to go fast and win. Start out by doing a bit of combat (circle or square) then stop once you have been passed. Start doing a bunch of tricks. For example manuals, stoppies, superman's, back flips ect. If you can go off the same jump twice. Then when you finish the race you should get lots of money for tricks. With this money you can get things for your bike in single player.
    Go through the Black Diamond gates(follow them in a row) to earn a little extra cash.
    Punch, kick, check, throww bottles and whack opponents with a stick to earn more cash.
    Easy Money
    Go to 2 player and do a single event (it doesn't matter if you have a second player or not). Choose any rider and course. Do the race but make sure you don't get 1st place. Make sure that the second player doesn't cross the finish line. Then just beat everybody up that's there with your attack and once you think you have enough combat points just get the second player to the finish.
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