The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide

Q and A

4. When you are inside the pool hall, enter the doorway on the right and in the corner of the small room with the arcade machines there will be the Sister of Light relic.

After exiting the bar and entering the junk yard, the Darkman relic will be to the left of the bus that you encounter before going over the fence to the next area and also nab the achievement/trophy for finding 5 relics..

After the battle with Swifty and his crane, hop up the debris and enter the small trailer located to the right of the gate you need to go through to find the Trinity relic.

When you enter the warehouse, destroy the electrical box to enter the second area. Once inside, there will be a small room to the right which houses the Graven Image relic.

In the warehouse, after opening the second door, you will come to another large room. In the center, up the stairs to the left will be another small room with a computer as soon as you enter with a half-naked girl. After you’re done looking at that, go to the left to find the Chime of Deliverance.