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Carnivores Cheats

  • Debug Mode

    Type 'debugon' while playing to enable debug mode. In this mode dinosaurs will ignore you until you shoot at thempresence untill you shoot. Also you have unlimited ammo in debug mode and lava does not kill you. in debug mode:
    Ctrl - Fast running.
    Shift + S - on/off slow mode.
    Shift + T - on/off timer indicating polygons per frame and time used to render this frame (in milliseconds).
    TAB - Reveal Map
    Ctrl + N - Longer jumping
    Submitted by Dan Hockenberry
  • Ride on water

    Enter the debug code. Then hold the spacebar and jump into the water. While holding the spacebar and pressing Ctrl you will be able to ride on water.
    Submitted by Dan Hockenberry
  • Hidden Dinosaurs

    Get 1000 points to get two hidden dinosaurs.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Cool Strategy

    Ok, go hunting for t- rex (doesn't matter weapon) and then annoy them so they chase u and run like heck for the water. when u get there go out deep and hit space bar. u will float to the top and will be able to draw your weapon. when they follow u into the water they will get to u and start spinning around. they will not eat u so u can shoot at them all u like.
    Submitted by None

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