Zoe Saldana on Star Trek 2

She played Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek and now Zoe Saldana will also have a major part in James Cameron's upcoming 3D epic Avatar. Speaking about the latter at Comic-Con last month she took time to share a few thoughts about what's next for the Enterprise crew.

Is Star Trek 2 something you're looking forward to?

Saldana: Oh my God yes, I'm so happy that what JJ and Robert Orci and Alex Kurtsman did to revamp and bring back to life this beautiful series; it has given this new generation the opportunity to be part of something special that our parents and grandparents really loved.

What are you most excited about with Spock and Uhura in the next Trek?

Saldana: I'm excited to see what they're going to do with the relationship, in relation to what happened to Vulcan and the kind of responsibilities Spock is going to have in this next journey. Not only on the personal side, but also in terms of being part of a race facing extinction.

Have they given you any indication of when the next one will go ahead?

Saldana: Next year. I do know they are germinating a script. That's what they told us, but that usually means in this kind of talk that they're half way done with the script, they just can't present it to anybody! We're very excited. There is a lot of pressure, because now it's like, "Oh, do we do The Wrath Of Khan"? Or whatever. I told Robert, Alex and JJ, "Look, just do what you did first!" Which is just to trust themselves. By not listening to anyone and not putting any pressure on themselves they were able to create something very beautiful and free that we grew attached to; so if that formula worked for Star Trek, it can certainly work for this next one.

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