Team Cece or Team Reede quest walkthrough for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Team Cece or Team Reede
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The Team Cece or Team Reede quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is focused around finding eight villagers to hand Hylian Shrooms to, so that Cece can win over Reede's voters to her side for the Hateno Village mayoral election. It's not easy though - knowing where to find those eight voters is tricky, as they hardly stand out, and move around Hateno Village - a big place that's easy to lose somebody in.

We'll show you where to find all eight villagers below, as well as answering the tricky question: does the Team Cece or Team Reede quest actually matter? Can you cause specific consequences or ensure that one of them becomes the mayor over the other? We'll lay it all out below in our guide to the Team Cece or Team Reede side quest in TOTK.

All voter locations in Team Cece or Team Reede in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 

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Start the mission by entering the Armor Shop in Hateno Village in the East Necluda region, marked on your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom map. Talk to Cece, and she will put you to task. These are the eight Reede supporters you need to track down and give a mushroom to, including the time of day and locations where you will find them in Hateno Village:

  1. Leop: Old man usually found ambling about the town center, near Cece's shop or the inn.
  2. Tamana: Chicken farmer, found tending to her chicken coop near the south gate of Hateno Village any time of day.
  3. Medda: Tomato farmer, can be found during daylight hours tending his crops
  4. Uma: old lady working in the field just below Hateno School, but you can catch up with her as she walks home across the bridge in the evening.
  5. Dantz: Works in the pasture in East Hateno during daylight hours, halfway up the road to the Ancient Tech Lab.
  6. Koyin: Dantz's daughter, standing by the lake near the pasture.
  7. Tokk: Elderly man who sits by a cooking pot in Hateno Pasture and then goes for a stroll up to the Tech Lab. You can find him at either location, but he's easier to collar at the lab.
  8. Worten: Husband of the inn's receptionist, found out on the balcony of the inn or covering for his wife at the front desk.

Remember that when in doubt, pay attention to what the villagers are wearing. Reede voters are dressed in regular clothing while Cece fans will be dressed in some sort of mushroom-themed outfit, such as a hat. 

Once you've given out all eight mushrooms, return to Cece and tell her the good news. While you're here in Hateno Village, don't forget to chase up those Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Purah Pad upgrades at the Ancient Tech Lab nearby!

Does Team Cece or Team Reede matter?

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Team Cece or Team Reede doesn't actually have much in the way of consequences. No matter how you hand out the Hylian Shrooms, afterwards you'll find yourself doing side quests for both sides of the Mayoral Election until, without spoiling, the matter is resolved... one way or another. You don't control the outcome, it's simply a fixed part of the plot, and the winner of the Mayoral Election doesn't change.

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