Zack Snyder says there will be “no compromises” with his Justice League Snyder Cut

(Image credit: DC/Warner Bros.)

If it wasn’t made abundantly clear already, Zack Snyder has doubled down on the Justice League Snyder Cut – the 2021 HBO Max re-release under Snyder’s guiding hand – being completely and totally his final vision. In his words, there will be “no compromises.”

In a response to a fan question on social media site Vero (via CBR) on whether compromises were made or whether the Snyder Cut will be “exactly like you intended it to be,” Snyder responded: “No compromises,” while pointedly adding, “2017, all compromise.”

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Snyder also provided an update on the production process, saying he is currently “so deep” (ick) in putting together VFX – potentially with an eye towards August’s DC FanDome event, a 24-hour long convention-style online gathering of all of DCEU’s biggest names, including the Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Batman.

Superman himself, Henry Cavill, recently told Variety, “It’s great that Zack [Snyder] has an opportunity to finally release his vision of [Justice League] and I think that’s really important for a storyteller and a filmmaker. When that doesn’t happen, it’s always a sad occasion. And now Zack has the opportunity, and I’m excited to watch it.”

For those who can’t wait ‘til August – or are busy refreshing their Vero accounts for more tidbits from Snyder – then there’s always the first Snyder Cut teaser for you to pore over and endlessly analyse. 

In it, Diana comes face-to-face with a mural of Darkseid and looks decidedly worried. Could that be a preview of things to come? We’ll find out next year.

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