"Your car has arrived sir..."

Ever wondered what it’s like to see your name creep up the screen on a set of movie credits? Wonder no more, people – Vertigo Films want you to realise that dream and help them make a first in British cinema.

Outlaw is the next project from Football Factory and The Business helmer Nick Love - and you have a chance to become a Movieland player by being an investor. Outlaw is set to be funded entirely by the public using a tiered payment package where you can stump up £10, £50 or £100. In return, you’ll get an Executive Producer credit on the DVD, film merchandise and even a chance to be in the movie itself.

“Vertigo Films is extremely proud and excited to be involving the UK public in this unique opportunity to fund Nick Love’s next feature film,” said producer Allan Niblo. “We are confident that fans of Nick’s work and British film fans in general will be intrigued and enthusiastic about being directly involved with Outlaw.”

Outlaw follows the story of a group of people from various walks of life who take the law into their own hands.

“They are trying to right perceived wrongs,” Love states. “It’s about people that are sick of being treated like they don’t exist. Failed by the government and left to fend for themselves by a redundant police force.”

Despite the fact that Love had other projects ready to go, he felt that he couldn’t turn his back on Outlaw once he’d come up with the idea: “I couldn’t wait, this isn’t going away.” He told totalfilm.com: “If anything the situation will get worse but it is current, it’s right now.”

For more info on the movie and the investor scheme, click here to head over to the official site.

Source: ( outlawthemovie )