You can save up to 35% on Star Wars merch from Mandalorian and beyond in this sale

Star Wars merch with the Mandalorian Black Series Helmet
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Now's probably a good time to head over to Hasbro Pulse if The Mandalorian's latest season has you feeling all tempted to grab some Star Wars merch; the official store currently has a sale that allows you to save 30% or more on a wide range of products from a galaxy far, far away.

Called the Warehouse Sale 2023, you can get 30% off Star Wars merch (and beyond) if you spend $75 / £60 and use the code WAREHOUSE30. Meanwhile, Hasbro Pulse Premium members can save even more with the code WAREHOUSE35 - they can get a reduction of 35% if they spend $75 / £60. You can see all eligible items from the sale here (opens in new tab), but it includes big-hitters from The Mandalorian like a premium Black Series replica of Mando's helmet (opens in new tab) (which would drop to around $91.99 instead of nearly $132) and a recreation of the Darksaber.

Because high-end lightsabers such as this are usually well over $200, that 30-35% off is actually quite a big deal. As an example, Obi-Wan's saber from his recent Disney Plus series should drop down to around $191 after using the WAREHOUSE30 code - a damn sight more palatable than the standard $278.99 MSRP. Like I said in my Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber review, the effects are second to none, and "it's a king amongst Star Wars gifts." It's a similar story with Hasbro's version of Vader's weapon, which my Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber review said: "looks fantastic, boasts best-in-class effects, [and] is probably the closest you'll get to the on-set prop without raiding Lucasfilm's archives."

Although most of the items on offer here aren't going to get the biggest reductions (they're mostly action figures), there's a chance to save big here on products that rarely see such an enormous saving. 

Just remember, the sale ends on March 20th.

Warehouse Sale 2023 | Save up to 35% at Hasbro Pulse (opens in new tab)

Warehouse Sale 2023 | Save up to 35% at Hasbro Pulse (opens in new tab)
So long as you spend $75 / £60 and use the code WAREHOUSE30 (or WAREHOUSE35 if you're a Hasbro Pulse Premium member), you can save a massive chunk of cash in this wide-ranging sale.

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