Yes, NAMCO's new DS puzzler Trioncube involves falling blocks

Alright, so falling blocks haven't really been novel since the mid '80s. But that hasn't stopped the production of all make and manner of block-oriented puzzle games, many of which have been quite entertaining. Announced today, NAMCO's Trioncube hopes to lodge itself in your DS by being one of the ones that does it right.

The goal of the game is to create the eponymous Trion Cube by arranging the falling pieces into 3x3 blocks. This will fill your spaceship's fuel tanks so you can reach the big bad (Hell Metal), defeat he/she/it, and save your Princess. And that's about as big a role as you can expect plot to play in this game. The real draw, naturally, will be the gameplay, which, judging by the amount of bizarro icons floating about on the screens, looks to be moderately-to-highly frantic.

Trioncube will be packed with different gameplay modes to encourage replayability, and a multiplayer option so you can take on a friend. To see a small sample of the many unlockable effects and screen designs that allow you to customize your game interface, hit the Images tab above.

Check on back here for more on Trioncube in the coming months.

December 7, 2006