Yellowstone season 5 has another casualty – and viewers are devastated

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Yellowstone season 5 has been putting its viewers through the wringer with several sad twists for the Dutton family. Episode six was no different as tragedy struck on John Dutton's cattle ranching trip. But before we get any further into plot details, take this as your spoiler warning if you're not yet up to date on the drama.

'Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You' saw the whole Dutton clan taking a break from politics as they headed out on the ranch. And it was much-needed for the family who've been getting themselves in a lot of trouble so far this season. As the sun set on their excursion, John' longtime friend Emmett Walsh (Buck Taylor) marveled: "If it wasn't perfect, but it was damn close."

Sadly, it seemed like an omen for the Yellowstone owner who didn't make it through the night. While John pointed out it's the perfect way for a cowboy to go, he had to break the news to Emmett's devastated widow in a heartbreaking moment.

It wasn't only the Duttons who were tearful over the storyline either, as viewers reacted to the moment on social media. "My god, that crushed my soul. watching Emmett's wife lose it when John rode up to her," wrote one on Twitter.

"Tonight on Yellowstone, leave it to John to put a tear in your eye," continued a second viewer. "I had a strong feeling that when he and Emmett drifted to sleep, Emmett won't wake up. An entertaining episode with a sad twist."

Several viewers were left in tears over the moment too. One simply wrote: "So sad I was balling eyes out." Another agreed, adding: "Damn you Yellowstone for making me cry again. John Dutton might refuse to be sad but I can't help it."

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