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Xbox Series X restock: could we see consoles out in the wild today?

Xbox Series X restock
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It's still pretty difficult when it comes to nailing down an Xbox Series X restock that will actually bag you the console. Such is the state of the Xbox Series X stock situation, there are plenty of folks still chasing the machine and hoping for the best. Who'd have thought we'd be here nearly three-quarters of a year after launch?

You'd think that with every day and week that passes, we'd be getting closer and closer to 'normal', but the world situation and silicon shortages are still hampering Xbox Series X restock availability. Nevertheless, stock does land and appear most weeks, so where would we look this today?

Well, the good news is that we've seen PS5 stock drop in multiple places this week, and that means we could very well be in line for some Xbox Series X restocks too - it has been known to be the case that 'when one drops, the other isn't far behind'. For quickfire reference, we would keep a close eye on Best Buy, Walmart, and definitely Amazon - the retail giant has had stock flash up in recent times, and it's always worth having that webpage open and camping on it a bit.

Xbox Series X ($499.99) | Check at Amazon
This continues to be the most popular version of the new Xbox. Besides being more powerful thanks to superior hardware that offer super-sharp 4K resolutions, it comes with a disc drive that allows you to play physical games, DVDs, and Blu-rays. It has 1TB of storage space as well.
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Xbox Series S ($299.99) | Check at Amazon
This streamlined take on the new Xbox console is pretty tempting if you want to save some money along the way; it's a lot cheaper than the Series X and offers a new-gen experience. However, it's not as powerful and it doesn't have a disc drive so you will be purchasing all your games digitally, which tends to be more expensive. What's more, it only has 500GB of storage (but this can be added to with an external drive, of course).
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In the UK, Game had PS5 stock today (Thursday) so there might be reason to think that it, and other, retailers could see Xbox Series X restocks incoming too on the British side of the Atlantic.

Wherever you are (when and if you do get past a waiting queue or virtual waiting room), always head for bundles. These package Xbox Series X deals are usually less competitively fought over than the console on its own, and you'll usually get something worthwhile too - certain stores will couple it up with items such as new games as well as inclusions like the best Xbox Series X headset or the best Xbox Series X accessories.

Remember, you'll want the best screen to go with your new console, so check out our guides to the best TV for Xbox Series X and best Xbox Series X monitor.

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